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About us:

Our Ottawa Karen Youth Centre (OKYC) was formed in 2008. The majority of our Karen youths came under Government Assistant Refugee program. At present our total number of Karen youth members are around 150 in Ottawa. We organized different events under OKYC and involved with Community Cup soccer programs every year through playing soccer/volunteering with income tax programs every year at Catholic Centre for Immigrants. We have good networking with other multicultural youths through playing sports such as soccer/volleyball and our Karen Youth engage in our community such as frequent fund-raising activities and culture events.

Our mission and goals:

  1. To maintain our Karen’s cultures

  2. To support Karen Youths with education and employment

  3. To educate our Karen Youths regarding awareness addiction problems and any existing problem that may harm the development of our individual youth.

  4. To exchange our Karen cultures with multi culture youth groups in Ottawa.

  5. To maintain networking with other Karen youths and Karen communities from all over Canada.

Working team’s members and leaders:

Our Karen youth Organization Centre is totally run by the volunteers and Youths in our Karen community.

Team’s leaders:

  1. Secretary / Administration – Trudy Mawlay

  2. Fund-raising/ Sport – Wahksha Paw

  3. Book keeping/Sport – Kelvin Sgaw

  4. Culture/Communication – Eh Taw Loe Htoo

  5. Education/Employment – Shar Kay Htoo

Working team’s members:

  1. Sports - Ywa Hay & Daylya Paw

  2. Fundraising: - Naw Jenny & Naw Taw Taw

  3. Entertainment /Music – Ehthyu Htoo & Ehdohthaw Htoo

  4. Documentary – Wendy Mawlay & K’pru Wah

  5. Meedia – Ehpawlaysay Gay & Shar Wah

  6. Health and Safety – Shar Kar Htoo

Contact us:

Ottawa Karen Youth Centre

Please contact us through emails only:

Trudy Mawlay

Emails: tmawlay@okyc.org

Kelvin Sgaw

Email: ksgaw@okyc.org

Shar Kay Htoo

Email: shtoo@okyc.org


We are currently an independent Karen Youth Organization in Ottawa, and we raise money for our group through our monthly community fund-raising events, and activities.

Getting involved with our Karen Youth group in Ottawa:

Karen Youth’s activities and Karen Community Events:

We have been hosting several Karen community events and Karen youth activities each year since 2008, and these are the ongoing events where everyone can get involved and participate.

Photos Galleries:

We will be uploading photos .

Past and Upcoming Events:

Running & Move for Karen Ottawa Youth (July 29, 2017)